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Oral hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Good oral care is essential

At Dental Studio, we recommend that patients practice good oral hygiene every day to maintain a healthy smile.

Brushing your teeth doesn’t guarantee that your mouth is receiving the attention it needs. Disease causing bacteria and tooth decay can be prevented by following good oral care such as brushing twice a day, flossing after meals and using mouthwash.

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Oral Hygiene

Research has shown that dental problems can be related to other health problems such as heart disease, dementia and diabetes. This is one of the many reasons why we encourage patients to go for regular oral hygiene check up to help prevent gum disease.

Here are 3 brushing tips to help maintain good oral hygiene:

  1. Use a decent toothbrush: select a toothbrush that has a head and bristles small enough to reach into the crevices of your teeth to remove food.
  2. Correct brushing technique: make sure you are brushing at a 45 degree angle and make circular strokes across the teeth.
  3. Brush long enough: we recommend that patients brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day to ensure that your teeth are cleaned correctly.

Treatment Overview

  • Treatment: Oral Hygiene
  • Frequency: We recommend an oral hygiene check-up every 6 months
  • Procedure timeline: 1 hour
  • Recovery time: No recovery period
  • Cost: Cleaning excludes xray if needed
Oral hygiene child

Before and After Case Studies

Teeth whitening BEFORE 1Teeth whitening AFTER 1
Teeth Whitening Case 1
Teeth whitening before 3Teeth whitening after 3
Teeth Whitening Case 2
Teeth whitening before 4Teeth whitening after 4
Teeth Whitening Case 3

Patient Testimonial

"Dr Botha, thank you for the time you took to sort my dental problems. You are the best!"

Mariana Jonker

"Amazingly talented dentist...changed my smile...changed my life. Highly recommended."

Charmaine Findlay

"Dr Botha has been a marvel over the years treating me with kindness and absolute understanding as a super sensitive patient. He has made my smile brighter and I feel happy after seeing him which is a great way to feel after visiting "the dentist"."

Melissa Baird
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