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Teeth whitening smile

Teeth Whitening

Have brilliant white teeth…

Teeth darken with age and from tea, coffee, cigarettes and red wine. At Dental Studio you could have a bright dazzling smile in just over an hour.  Opalescence Boost is a professional tooth whitening agent, of which the active ingredient is 38% Hydrogen Peroxide and 10% carbamide peroxide in a glycerine base. This is an effective way of lightening your teeth to their natural colour. The result will vary from person to person, depending of the natural shading of the teeth.

After completion of the tooth whitening treatment, we will provide our patient with an at home whitening kit, including 2 custom made trays and opalescence home whitening agent. This is used to maintain the whiteness of your teeth to ensure a confident smile.

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How safe is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a clinically approved procedure and hundreds of studies have proved:

  • There is no enamel reduction
  • There is no enamel softening
  • There is no damage or alteration of tooth structure

What sensitivity can I expect?

  • You can expect a dull toothache. Or what we call “zingers” which is a sort of pain you occasionally get when eating an ice cream.

By using desensitising toothpaste, containing fluoride and potassium nitrate, you can assist the teeth to hydrate. We also provide our patients with Ultra-EZ trays, which will assist with any discomfort.


Whitening is not recommended during pregnancy, for lactating woman or children under 14years of age.

Treatment overview:

  • Treatment: Teeth whitening
  • Frequency: We recommend a teeth whitening treatment at least once a year
  • Procedure timeline: 1 hour
  • Recovery time: No recovery period
  • Cost: Depends on how many whitening treatments the patient needs

Before and After Case Studies

Teeth whitening BEFORE 1Teeth whitening AFTER 1
Teeth Whitening Case 1
Teeth whitening before 3Teeth whitening after 3
Teeth Whitening Case 2
Teeth whitening before 4Teeth whitening after 4
Teeth Whitening Case 3

Patient Testimonial

"Dr Botha, thank you for the time you took to sort my dental problems. You are the best!"

Mariana Jonker

"Amazingly talented dentist...changed my smile...changed my life. Highly recommended."

Charmaine Findlay

"Dr Botha has been a marvel over the years treating me with kindness and absolute understanding as a super sensitive patient. He has made my smile brighter and I feel happy after seeing him which is a great way to feel after visiting "the dentist"."

Melissa Baird

"I have been going to Dr Nico for many years now,, and not only is he a great dentist, but he is extremely considerate of my fear of needles and going to the dentist in general. He takes extra time to make you feel safe and comfortable and doesn’t rush the process. I would highly recomend him to anyone, but especially anyone with fears of going to the dentist."

Helene Vaerlien

"Dr Botha enhances not only one's dental experience as a whole, but most of all he truly personifies the picture perfect smile. His friendly and considerate demeanor coupled with his attention to detail makes visiting the dentist very palatable in itself. I would highly recommend Dr Botha to everyone!!"

Etiénne van Zyl
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